Marco Antonio Aguero

Again, we are very thankful with Arturo and The Cruz Group! First, a year ago helping us as we searched for a place to rent (very satisfied) and now guiding us as we embarked in the journey to buy a house. I commend The Cruz Group for their honesty, flexibility, and openness as we searched for a home that met our needs and capabilities. The Cruz Group understood right away what we needed and made this journey a very smooth one. We as buyers were able to learn a lot from Arturo and his team as we searched, helping us take a well-informed decision as we selected, negotiated, and bought the house. In addition, The Cruz Group’s handholding approach helped us navigate with our Bank, settlement agency and with the sellers to reach a positive outcome. Truly, we commend the Cruz Group for making this an extremely smooth, friendly and time efficient process. Thanks to the Cruz Group team we are now proud owners of a beautiful home. If you are interested in searching for a house to rent or buy, I can say with conviction, you will be in good hands (the best to be honest) with The Cruz Group.

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