Working with Diego was an outstanding experience. I reached out to Diego about my interest in purchasing my first home while I was still working in Afghanistan. I was unsure if I was able to start the process without being local, but he was able to quickly answer all of my questions and provide me with a plethora of information that enabled me to start my initial home search, and he sent me homes he thought I would be interested in as well. Every question or concern I presented him with was answered that same day (and typically within 5 minutes).

When I returned to Northern Virginia, Diego was excited and ready to show me potential homes, answering all of my many questions along the way. It was a really unique experience for me starting with very minimal home buying knowledge and to be where I am now as a knowledgeable home owner. I can't speak enough to the communication aspect of Diego's work. He is always available on the phone and wants me to be the first to view the houses I like. I am fully convinced that he does not sleep and that I was the only contact in his phone throughout my process.

We toured several homes and he was great at suggesting homes that he thought I would like. When he sent me a townhouse in Herndon that had just got placed back on the market, I told him how much I liked it and that I really wanted to see it. He made his calls immediately and made sure I was the first one to tour the house. We saw it bright and early the very next morning. I loved the house and told him I really wanted to own it. I put all of my trust in Diego to put the best offer down and he told me he was going to do everything to make me the owner of the house. He did just that and later that night he congratulated me on my new home.

Diego's unmatched work ethic continued throughout the home buying process. We had a short period to close and he sent me a note every day with our progress and anything that was needed on my end. He was present for the inspection as well and contacted to owner immediately with anything that needed remediated. I felt very confident in the process and Diego was there every step of the way.

Upon the final walk through and closing day, Diego noticed that there were still cement blocks and metal poles in the backyard that the owner did not take care of. This was at 9 am and our closing time was noon. Diego told me he was going to get it taken care of. He left and quickly swapped his car for his truck and went back to the townhouse, hauled the blocks and poles himself out of the yard and took them to the dump. He then made an extra stop to duplicate my house key for me and was still 15 minutes early to closing. He was there to make sure every step of the closing went smoothly and that I fully understood everything. He then congratulated me and even got me a house warming gift! Diego told me to always keep in touch and let him know if I have any future questions or anything he can help out with.

Overall, I had the best house hunting / owning experience I could ask for. I recommend Diego to anybody in the market and I will not be using any other realtor in the future. 10/10 first home buying experience and look forward to loving the house I own thanks to Diego!

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