Corey Kitts

Buying or selling property can be very stressful and packed with unknown pitfalls that a good real estate agent can help you avoid. This is why I was glad to have Diego in my corner.

I've had poor experiences in past real estate dealings, with agents acting as if they were doing me a favor by answering a phone call or doing the basic research on my needs as a client. Due to these past mistakes and the burn of realizing you might have made a poor investment, I made sure to carefully look at who I might use next. After doing my research, shopping around and speaking with many prospective agents, I decided to go with Diego and Cruz group.

Diego was professional, courteous and most of all client focused on the sale of my property. If I needed market information or had any questions Diego was on top of it with an answer. Diego's client focused approach combined with his supporting cast of Real Estate veterans from the Cruz group, made for a confident and smooth property sale. I highly recommend anyone researching real estate in the DMV to contact Diego and see what he can do for you!

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